Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcome to the COMENIUS REGIO RENEW our Future


Recyclable Energy with Natural Efficiency and Water: our Future is an environmental project targeting to pupils, teachers, staff and citizens of our community. First of all, it will be focused on giving information about renewable energy sources, all about these sources under the rules of the European Commission and make people understand the worth of this new age in energy for our “clean” future.
The project has to make pupils and adults more sensitive to environmental issues, to learn the why and how to keep this treasure for the next generations. The activities of the project have to do with action in our specific needed areas such as energy efficiency, water saving, sustainable consumption, the use of clean electricity and  to know better about their different ways of producing energy, exchanging thoughts for a common way between the two regions, comparing methods of preservation, new habits, new forms of producing efficiently and ways of actions, etc. in the spirit of ‘renewable energy sources’
We seek to achieve ‘’The concept of sustainable development (..) a form of development that meets present-day needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own requirements. It aims to improve individuals’ living conditions whilst preserving their environment in the short, medium and, above all, long term. The objective of sustainable development is threefold: development that is economically efficient, socially fair and environmentally sustainable”.

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